NEW!! Private Coaching @ DayDream!

NEW!! Private Coaching @ DayDream!
Get ready for your next school/community theatre audition!
If you are interested in more in-depth, one-on-one training, sign up for private coaching sessions.  Whether you want to meet daily, weekly, monthly or a one-time prep for upcoming auditions and performances, PDD Staff is available to work with you to achieve your performance goals. 

A PDD Teaching Artist will work one-on-one with young actors who are interested in learning and mastering the tools and techniques to become a better actor and help them work towards getting the roles they want.  We make sure artists are ready for their auditions and performances by having all work memorized and at performance level so the students feel confident and prepared.  
Best for students in grades 2-12.

Schedule your private coaching session TODAY!!
Email Project DayDream for rates and to schedule a private session!

PDD Private Coaching will help you be better equipped in the following areas:
· Auditioning and Cold Reading Skills
· Text Analysis
· Monologue Preparation
· Character Development
· Acting Objectives and Choices
· Overcoming Performance Anxiety
· Timing
· Eliminating Bad Acting Habits
· Making a Memorable Impression when Auditioning
· Last Minute Audition Tricks
· Increasing your Self-Esteem and Confidence


 DayDream Fall/Winter Musical Season Opener 

 Mark your calendars as auditions for,  
A Little Princes: The Musical are rapidly approaching!

A Little Princess is an enchanting rags-to-riches story (based on the children’s story by Frances Hodgson Burnett) full of fascinating characters. This show is filled with comedy, drama, and most of all, charm. It's the story of Sara Crewe, a rich girl adored by her father and treated as a princess until her father dies. Forced to live as a pauper, her life is turned upside down until a mysterious person from India moves in next door and curious things begin to happen.
This bestselling classic by Francis Hodgson Burnett has inspired many movie versions, including the popular 1995 film starring Liesel Matthews.

Audition Eligibility:
Girls/Women—Ages 7-23
Men –Ages 14-23

Audition Dates:
Thursday, September 4, 2014; Callback Friday, September 5, 2014

Performance Dates:
October 3 & 4, 2014

Audition Reservations: OPEN VIA EMAIL ONLY!